1996            Educational and social events resume, along with fundraising efforts to continue restoration work.  
1998            Roof replaced with financial help from Borough of Collingswood.  
1999            Kitchen shed clapboards repaired and painted, funded by Friends of Collings-Knight House
2000-2001    Brick and mortar restoration funded largely by Camden County Open Space Preservation Trust Fund Grant
2002            Front steps replaced; Window restoration begun. 
2003            Obtained NJ Historic Trust grant for accessibility plans. See "Building for the Future" for more information about this project.
2004            Keeping room ceiling repaired and replastered, thanks to emergency grant from private fundation. Window restoration completed through major fundraising efforts by the Friends organization and private foundation grant.
2005            Interior plaster repairs and restoration, funded largely by Camden County Open Space Preservation Trust Fund Grant
2006             Front walk replacement funded by Friends organization. Carriage stone restoration funded by Proud Neighbors gift.
Note: these are major restoration projects only; the list does not include the many maintenance and repair projects routinely funded by the Friends organization through membership dues and contributions.

Plaster damage in rear bedchamber repaired, 2005

Remaining restoration projects and estimates
Paint interior woodwork              $20,000
 Attic plaster repairs                      $15,000
 Kitchen repairs and upgrade         $15,000
  Shutter repairs and painting           $10,000 
 Fence                                           $  5,000
 Barrier-free access            $100,000-150,000
Please navigate to "Building for the Future"
    for more information on this project